Who is Maya Mexa?

MAYA MEXA is a Mexican & Canadian owned Label based in Vancouver. We focus on unique and eye-catching high quality streetwear designs. Art, self expression, and inclusivity are extremely important to us. We want to create a sense of community with our brand that centres around creativity, artistic collaboration, self-expression, and inclusivity. We celebrate individuality, promote representation and strive to empower people of all backgrounds through fashion.

Who is the designer?

My name is Lauren (AKA Chiki). I'm French Canadian from the East coast of Canada but I've been living in Vancouver for the last 3 years. I've always had a passion for art and designing, but I never gave myself the opportunity to explore this interest. Instead I followed my interest in learning about history/different cultures and pursued a formal university education; I completed an undergraduate degree in Anthropology. I created Maya Mexa to explore my passions and interests: fashion, design, music, art, and culture, all while learning more about my husband/his family's culture.

Follow me as I continue to learn more about my craft and continue to level up Maya Mexa.